Club Fair week underway


Sarah Philips

Pulse is starting its 2017-18 recruiting drive early with a meeting before school Tuesday.

Jay Schlaegel, Assignment Editor

The third annual Pulse Club Fair began Monday morning in the rotunda, offering students a glimpse at the first five clubs of more than twenty that will be offering students information regarding their interests and activities throughout the remainder of this week.

“I’m participating in the club fair to spread the awareness of my particular club which was never really established before here at Liberty,” We set this up to teach people more about robotics at school,” senior Robotics Club member Shreyash Gattu said.

The Pulse seeks to see every student involved in a club or organization on campus in order to foster healthy community and peer support during students’ high school years.

“The Pulse Club started the Club Fair so that we could have our students really get a one-on-on feel with all of our clubs and organizations,” Pulse junior representative Josh Rubio said. “There are over fifty clubs really, so this whole week we’re going to give our students a chance to do that.”

The Club Fair continues every morning through Thursday starting at 8:15 a.m. 

“It was really nice to see all of the clubs come together because a lot of times, we don’t know about certain clubs,” senior Reilly Martens said. “So seeing all the people who are actually from the clubs and getting fliers and information really helps me know what’s out there and what I might get involved in.”