Parents get to Meet the Teacher Monday


Lucas Barr

Students have known their teacher for four weeks, but on Monday, Sept. 18, parents have the chance to do the same at the annual Meet the Teacher night from 6-8 p.m.

Keegan Williams, Editor-in-chief

Meet the Teacher Night for Frisco, Liberty, Heritage, Centennial and Wakeland high schools is Monday from 6-8 p.m.

The evening is a chance for parents to get to know who’s teaching their kids, and also understand the way the classroom works for each teacher.

“The purpose it to outline course expectations,” AP Literature teacher Lindsay Pfiffner said. “And in AP Lit specifically, it’s designed to help them know about tests and maybe how it’s different than previous years.”

Picking up a copy of their child’s schedule at the beginning of the event, the parents will follow a shortened bell schedule that mimics a typical day at school. Starting with the 1A class and ending with 4B, parents have the opportunity to meet every teacher.

“I think traditionally as the students get older, the parents tend to give them more responsibility,” Pfiffner said. “I would say that especially with seniors the parents take this night to focus on college.”