The story behind the smell

An unusual odor filled the hallways Wednesday


Brooke Colombo

Effective Monday, all four grade levels will be released from class at the same time, whether that be in between passing periods or during dismissal.

Halle Barham, Sports Director

Walking through the halls Wednesday morning many students and staff were welcomed by an unusual odor. For many of these people, it wasn’t a pleasant smell, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary as school administrators say the smell comes from sulphur being flushed through the pipes of the science hallways.

“The smell comes from drastic pressure and temperature change during the transition of seasons,” associate principal Phil Brown said.  

Although the smell may not be pleasant to those that smell it, there’s not much that can be done.

“The smell is definitely a distraction. [My class] spends way too much time talking about the smell, spraying fragrances, and figuring out ways to get rid of it,” biology teacher Chris Ham said. “All they told me was to spray perfume, run the water and fume hood, and keep the air circulating.”