Reducing stress the aim of “Treat Yo’ Self Day”

Divya Murali

Aliza Porter, Staff Reporter

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April and May can be stressful times for students with AP exams and STAAR tests but on Friday, the Pulse club is sponsoring “Treat Yo’ Self Day” with different soothing activities being offered throughout the school.

“The purpose of ‘Treat Yo’ Self Day’ is for students to be able to participate first hand in some positive coping mechanisms to help deal with stress and self help in a healthy way,” senior Axum Taylor said. “I came up with this idea from seeing how advisory period could be spent doing this more productive that can prevent anxiety, and doing things that can positively impact us.”

“Treat Yo’ Self Day” will feature coloring and Play-Doh in the lecture hall, chalk outside in the courtyard and mindfulness and quiet in the gym.

“It was the Pulse student officers who came up with the idea for ‘’Treat Yo’ Self Day,”’ counselor Staci Stokes said. “The intention behind it is just to be a stress relieving activity so something that’s fun, something to allow students to take their mind off of upcoming AP tests and EOC tests, and all those things that can give us some anxiety and stress and just do something fun here at school.”