Featured Athlete: Jenna Wenaas

Grade:11 | Sport: Volleyball


Hallie Hunter

Junior Jenna Wenaas recently recommitted to Texas A&M after hesitation due to a new coaching staff.

Wingspan: How many years have you been playing?

Wenaas: “I think I’ve been playing for about seven or eight years.”

Wingspan: What fuels your passion to play volleyball?

Wenaas: “I would say that when everything works out and you’re winning and you make a really good play and i think that feeling is just a really great feeling to have and probably the main reason I play volleyball. Especially at school, I just love the team so much.”

Wingspan: How did it feel to earn player of the week?

Wenaas: “Really good. My family really supported me. My parents, my brother, and my extended family voted for me. Also, my friends on the volleyball team, the Texas A&M people. I just felt really supported.”

Wingspan: When did colleges start recruiting you?

Wenaas: “Eighth grade.”

Wingspan: Did you recently commit to A&M?

Wenaas: “I committed last year to the coaches that had been at A&M for 20 years and then they retired and got a new coach. So when I got a new coach I started looking at other colleges again and then I decided that I liked the new coach so I basically recommitted.”

Wingspan: What other colleges were you looking at?

Wenaas: “TCU and Baylor once the old coach retired.”

Wingspan: Do you plan on playing after college?

Wenaas: “I’m thinking about it. It depends. If I want to go to grad school, or if I want to play internationally for like Italy.”

Wingspan: When did you know volleyball was something you wanted to do?

Wenaas: “As a kid, I always thought I wanted to play for college and until I was starting to get recruited for college that i really wanted to. Then, once I committed to A&M, that’s when I realized that volleyball was going to be a part of my life for a really long time.”

Wingspan: What are your goals for this year?

Wenaas: “Our goal I think is definitely to win districts first off. I think that’s well within our reach. Not only do I think that it is a goal, I think it is an expectation that we put on ourselves. I think last year, we didn’t realize how good we actually were until playoffs. Now, I think this year it’s an expectation to be that good and get even further in playoffs this year.”