Candy and costumes replace music in band parking lot

Wade Glover

Wade Glover, WTV Executive Producer

Attracting children and families from around the area, superheroes, animals, and scary creatures walked the band parking lot last night for the annual Trunk R’ Treat event.

“Trunk R’ Treat has been a tradition, especially for the band, that’s how it all started,” senior Hannah Bletsch said. “I definitely came to support and then show love to the children in the community.”

For some, Trunk R’ Treat is a safer twist on a staple of Halloween.

“We’ve got so many people not going out on actual Halloween because it’s such like open and parents are scared,” senior Nick Hung said. “Trunk R’ Treat [and] the Liberty band gives everyone a safe opportunity to come out, have fun, and get some candy.”

Others come to the event for the community spirit.

“To see everybody’s trunks, and treats,” English teacher Joshua Melton said. “And to show off my [young son].”

But what makes this event an annual treat for sophomore Aadit Choudhary is knowing the fun is for a good cause.

“We get to help all the little kids here and they get to enjoy their Halloween,” Choudhary said. “And they also get to get this amazing amount of candy. It feels great to help the community as well.”