Sophomore selected as Arts in the Square poster finalist


Sophomore Paige Edmisten is a finalist in the Arts in the Square poster contest. Edmisten’s work was chosen through the CTE center. “I’m pretty surprised,” Edmisten said. “There are definitely people who have more impressive designs, but I’m flattered that I got chosen.”

Aliza Porter, Assignment Editor

Voting ends Wednesday for the Arts in the Square poster contest with sophomore Paige Edmisten a finalist. She was selected as a finalist through the CTE center for having one of the best posters incorporating the four winning pieces of art from the different schools.

“Everyone in the class had to make an entry and then I guess people in Frisco, there’s judges that select the ones that get to go to the final voting process,” Edmisten said. “I’m pretty surprised because there are definitely people who have more impressive designs, but I’m flattered that I got chosen.”

Held on March 30-31, the 10th Annual Arts in the Square is one of the biggest art festivals in the region.

“Arts in the Square is an event that Frisco Square puts on down at Frisco Square,” department chair Jeb Matulich said. “It’s an art festival that’s a two day deal that’s also tied in with the school district. They allow artists to come in from Texas and the nation to show off their art.”

Winning the contest will allow Edmisten to show off her work as well.

“If I get the most votes, my poster gets selected to be the official advertising poster that gets put around Frisco, but other than that, I win nothing,” she said. “There’s nothing really that inspired it, but I did use color palettes that I thought reminded me of art and Frisco and just the event in general.”