Sweet taste test


Melody Tavallaee

Students in food science participated in a class wide baking competition. After baking their deserts, students offered their baked goods to the faculty. Teachers and admin were the judges of the food that the students had made.

Katharina Santos, Staff Reporter

Food science students put their creativity to use Wednesday as they competed amongst themselves in a class wide baking competition. From taste, to presentation, to marketing, students had to think through all that is in included in the process of selling a product.

“Coming up with your own recipe for a dessert is a lot harder than you would think,” food science teacher Jessica Fisher-Hattey said.  “These students are working really hard together and are very excited to develop their recipes into something that not only tastes good, but looks good too.”

For senior Cameron Steele, the project is a way for him to apply skills that he will need for his future.

“I am planning on running and owning my own restaurant once I graduate from college,” he said. “So developing my own recipes and not having to look them up on online is definitely something that I will need to be able to do once I reach that point.”

Getting to taste everyone’s creations and seeing how his classmates imagination come together could be the favorite part for senior Daylon Davis.

“Eating the food at the end of the project and seeing what everyone came up with is definitely the most exciting part of this project,” he said. “It’s even better when the food not only looks  good, but tastes good.”