A service to yourself and the community


Melody Tavallaee

While most people view community service as something to do simply for college applications, guest contributor Ashvita Girish sees value beyond that. In her column, she explains the benefits community service can have in one’s own life and in the lives of those around them.

Ashvita Girish, Guest Contributor

Community service.

Even though this concept is frowned upon by many students and they do it just for college,  volunteering can benefit you and your community in many ways. It gives you an opportunity to interact with different people and be an active member in your community. But most off all, it looks great on your college application. These days many institutions have incorporated Civic Engagement into their curriculum and all those community service hours will “boost” your college application to the next level.

Volunteering can make your life more satisfying, helping others makes you feel better about yourself. Simply volunteering at a retirement home, playing bingo with a grandfather may not mean much to you, but it could mean a lot to him. Watching their face light up when they score their first bingo is truly rewarding.

Volunteering can engage students to participate in activities that benefit their community. The people you meet all have different backgrounds and can be great mentors, and these people will have the experience in life that students lack, hence they can advice you and lead you on the right path. It “creates special bonds with people and increases social awareness and responsibility.” being an active member in your community will enhance your personal knowledge and teach you skills that you will find useful in the future.

Some of these skills can strengthen your problem solving and organizational skills by teaching you how to multitask, work under pressure and you will obtain certain work-related skills that can help with your future job. Volunteering at different places can also act as a pathway to your career. It’s a “risk-free way to try out a field you’re interested in without making a long-term commitment.”

Volunteering should not be something you do just for the sake of it. Students should be eager to help and participate in their community for the better.