Night at the NAHS Museum


Melody Tavallaee

The National Art Honor Society will be putting on a Museum Night on Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for students to show off their artwork. Admission is free but students have the chance to buy jewelry and other things to raise money for the fundraiser.

Aliza Porter, Assignment Editor

Showcasing their art, the National Art Honor Society is hosting a fundraiser Friday from 5:30-8:30 p.m. where student work and other activities will take over part of the school.

“They bring their art to us, we fix it up, and showcase it, put their name on it, it can be for sale or not,” art teacher Pernie Fallon said. “We also have events. We have refreshments, we have a tree of life that we add our thumbprint leaf to. We do henna painting on hands, caricature, we have a glow room where you can paint with glow and the dark paint. We have button making and then shrink art. This year we’re also going to have orphaned art: art that’s been left behind over the years. We’re going to sell it at a very inexpensive price to find it a good home and let somebody adopt it and take it home.”

From paintings to jewelry, art students will have the chance to raise money while hosting an event for future artists of Frisco.

“If students want to sell their art work, we price the art work to how much they want to price it,” senior Prathyusha Thavva said. “We’re going to sell artwork, empty bowls, and jewelry.”

For the first time this year, Museum Night will be opened to middle school and elementary students in hopes of finding interested students for the art program on campus.

“We hope to give students an opportunity to showcase as well as sell their art work,” junior Sunyoung Yun said. “We also hope to give middle schoolers and elementary school students an insight in high school art programs.”