Redhawks fall short of state championship


Within minutes of reaching a goal set at the beginning of the season, the girls’ basketball team fell just short of the 5A state championship on Saturday in San Antonio, losing to the Amarillo Sandies 47-42.

It’s the second time in three years the Redhawks advanced to the title game, only to come up short both times.

For several seniors, being put in the same situation as they were three years ago exemplified the persistency the team utilized to make it to the finals again.

“Four played significant minutes when we came here three years ago,” head coach Ross Reedy said. “For them to get back through it especially since we’ve dealt with a lot of personal hardships and tragedy and and also been through some really special moments and so to be seen back at the stage and fight they way they did was absolutely special.”

In a back and forth game, the Redhawks got out-scored in the 4th quarter 19-8. Despite the loss, Reedy believes this has been his best team.

“We’ve always pride ourselves and being really mentally tough and there’s probably no other group in the past nine years that has been this mentally tough,” he said. “I knew what we were down nine that we had the opportunity to make a run and if anything I thought that you know it was kind of serendipitous that we’d have to come back again.”

For the seniors, it was a difficult end to the season, but one they’ve shared with the same teammates since middle school.

“I’ve been able to play with these girls ever since middle school, whether I’m playing with them or against them and to just be able to play with them all four years and then make it this far it’s really rewarding,” senior Makenzi Glover said. “It feels really great to have some of my best friends playing next to me. So I mean obviously you know, it didn’t end the way that we wanted to, but I’m I’m very proud of all the way we’ve been able to accomplish over the four years just with injuries and other setbacks that we’ve had.”

Although the pressure of winning was tremendous, Reedy tried to keep things simple before the game.

“We just we talked about seizing the moment having fun you know, and I was proud of them,” he said. “That’s what we talked about we said look, everything’s been said in the hallways in the foyers you know so I don’t really have any new words. Play boldly, love each, other play dang good defense, keep yourself in the game.”

Reflecting on the past five years of her basketball career, senior Randi Thompson left the Alamodome with her head high.

“It’s been very exciting,” Thompson said. “We’ve been playing together since seventh grade and I’m just proud of everyone in general.”