Damages estimated at $300-400 million from Sunday’s hailstorm

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A hailstorm swept across Collin County Sunday evening, breaking windshields, hammering roofs, and destroying trees totaling an estimated $300-$400 million in damage.

“The hail was probably three inches across; it was the worst hail I’ve seen living here in Texas,” AP Human Geography teacher Tim Johannes said. “The screens on the windows on our house were all torn up on the north side and the fence was pretty battered. I’m going to up call the insurance and deal with that and then with the car I’ll have to call the insurance.”

The National Weather Service reported hail ranging in size from less than an inch to one nearly 4.5 inches.

“When I got to where I live there were broken windows on apartments on like the top floor, the third floor the fourth floor, and almost every other car had their back windshield broken busted out,” history teacher Jennifer Nelken said. “I just had a little bit of glass break [on my balcony] and I tracked glass and in my house and stepped on it. That wasn’t very fun, but I cleaned it up so I was good, but a lot of people were on their phones probably calling insurance companies and things like that to take care of it.”

Sunday’s hailstorm arrived less than a week after Collin County was named as the stormiest county in Texas.

“This means that homeowners really need to stay proactive,” local Allstate agent Mark Tucker told NBCDFW. “When you know a storm is coming, clear out your garage so you can put your vehicles inside. Tie down or bring in patio furniture, and make sure you have a safety plan.”