Frisco’s first fair now open

Trisha Dasgupta, Guest Contributor

A trip to the fair no longer requires a trip to Fair Park as the inaugural Frisco Fair is underway through April 7 at the Frisco Fresh Market.

Featuring food, rides, and games, the 11 day fair is an attempt to bring families from all over the city together.

We realized that the community was looking for more family fun,” Frisco Fair developer Preston Cheng said. “We sought out the best carnival operators in the state to bring that much desired fun to the community.”

Created with families in mind, some students on campus might be dropping by with a few friends instead.

“I think it sounds like a really cool thing to do with some friends,” freshmen Aleeza Hussain said. “I feel like this is like the State Fair but a little more personal and easier, and maybe even safer.”