Class rank and GPAs freeze for seniors on Friday


Dea-Malika Divi

On Monday and Tuesday underclassmen will be taking their school pictures during their english classes. Students are expected to dress appropriately and avoid wearing green in order to not clash with the screen.

Dea-Malika Divi, Assignment Editor

After 23 six week grading periods, countless hours of homework and studying, the end of the road is officially in sight for the class of 2019 as final GPAs will be locked in at the conclusion of the current grading period on Friday.  

“At the end of the fifth six weeks, towards the very end of the school year, senior ranks will freeze,” counselor Staci Stokes said in a previous WTV interview. “That’s how we determine who the valedictorian and the salutatorian of the class is.”

Freezing class rank and GPA also gives seniors plenty of time to get final transcripts off to college and universities, but it can also make things a bit more challenging for some teachers.

“I understand why it’s frozen for rank,” math teacher Amber Bennet said. “But it definitely makes it hard for the last six weeks when you teach seniors getting them to do anything productive.”

With most seniors having finalized their plans for next year, the final six weeks of the year aren’t as important to many in the class of 2019 as positioning for higher spots on the class rank leaderboard comes to an end.

“I think it’s giving seniors like a reason to just stop caring,” senior Saahithi Joopelli said. “At this point most seniors have stopped caring about rank regardless of if they knew what it was before because we already have college admissions and things like that.”