Orchestra learning through singing


Maddie Aronson

Orchestra is switching things up. Instead of learning music from their instruments, they are singing before class. This is being done to help the students' hearing ability.

Katharina Santos, Staff Reporter

Orchestra students are expanding their musical horizons by using their voice rather than their instruments.

“We started singing at the beginning of every class to help develop students’ hearing ability,” assistant director Victoria Lien said. “It will also help them to recognize different intervals by ear.“

For junior Geethika Bonthala, the voice lessons are a helpful way to expand her musical abilities.

“The aim of the voice lessons is to get a better understanding of music theory and to train our ears to better recognize notes just by listening to them,” she said.

Students hope their new skill will help them become better musicians.

“Singing is going to help us hear intonation better,” sophomore Nandika Chirala said. “It’s also going to help us be able to identify musical intervals better by using solfege.”