New wireless access points to improve campus Wi-Fi


Roy Nitzan

Attempting to eliminate holes in reception, 100 new wireless access points have been added to the campus to help improve wifi connection. In what used to be one of the worst hallways for reception, the C hallway is already seeing the benefits of the access points.

Aliza Porter, Assignment Editor

More than 100 wireless access points are being installed on campus which will help provide improved Wi-Fi coverage throughout the school.

“We had old infrastructure, old wireless infrastructure, when the school was built so technology has changed,” Frisco ISD Manager of Tech Construction Kelly Doster said. “The newer nodes have more robust radios, more robust technology, and they expand more. In other words, the more density, you can have more people logging into the same node. It’s just newer technology.”

In the past, one specific hallway has struggled the most with the Wi-Fi: the C hallway.

“There were times in second period and third period when it was a high traffic time that the students couldn’t complete activities,” English 4 teacher Shannon Glidwell said. “Sometimes it would even happen at the end of first period so it caused a lot of delay in instruction, a lot of delay in students getting to turn their papers in on time so that they could complete lessons. That was really the productivity part of it that suffered during times.”

Installing of the new wireless access points will continue Friday and Tuesday, Glidwell is are already seeing an improvement in the Wi-Fi.

“It’s been much better,” Glidwell said. “I haven’t heard as many complaints. I don’t think there’s as many bad pockets of wifi reception, especially like in room C134, my room which is c133, and c136. There was a lot of just holes, even in the classrooms where students on the left side were fine, but students on the right side couldn’t work.”