Senior debuts original musical Friday

Vivek Sundararaman, WTV Staff Reporter

Even though the school year is winding down, the theatre department is still working with a new senior-directed show, titled “The Purple Company.” After putting on “Joy to Other Worlds” senior Jordan Miller decided to write and direct her own original script, with classic broadway songs mixed in the composition.

Purple Company runs Friday and Saturday in the cafeteria with free admission at 7 p.m.

“My favorite part of this process so far has probably been just like seeing the concept and the idea go from just being in my head to like actually being portrayed through people and having the whole script written and then everyone in costume and everyone being fully off book and memorized,” Miller said. “Just seeing it go from nothing to a full show is really cool.”

Throughout the process of rehearsal, Miller had the chance to discover the challenges and skills that come with directing.

“I’ve definitely grown in that I’m now managing way more people and I’m having to block and design a much longer portion of show,” Miller said. “I think that I’ve grown in that I’ve had to learn how to handle ya know, all the extra people , all the extra tech, and all of the extra scenes in this one.”

For actor freshman Nathan Daly, bonding with the cast has helped the production come together. Like Miller, the other students in the production have been working to grow and help one another.

“Overall as a cast we’ve really grown and completely just add on to each other’s energy and make a complete ensemble,” Daly said. “We’ve kinda practiced with insulting each other to kinda get that vibe going and start carrying that into their show, so it should be fun.”