Eighth graders get look at band with visual camp


Lucas Barr

Band students rehearse for their final concert scheduled into two weeks. Last week band students worked with incoming eighth graders to give them an insight into daily work of band students.

Shreya Jagan and Jimena Murray-Campbell

A three day event designed in order to prepare incoming freshmen for their first year of band, Visual Camp provided current 8th graders with a snippet of the experience that they will receive in band next year.

“Usually over the summer, although we do focus on fundamentals, it’s more fast paced,” sophomore Alexandra Stiles said. “Having these three days to get everything down is extremely helpful.”

The visual camp not only gives 8th graders a preview of what’s to come for the next few years, it also poses as a chance for high schoolers to brush up on their skills.

“I really look forward to visual camp because it allows me to review all the basic yet essential skills that are needed for marching so it’s not as stressful during the actual season,” Stiles said.

Taking advantage of the short time the students have together, visual camp paves an opportunity for everyone to interact and form friends within each other.

“Just being with my friends, and meeting all the incoming freshmen is fun,” sophomore Anastasiya Liaskouskaya said. “I like the social aspect of it since you are with these people all throughout the marching season and it is good to get to know everyone.”

Though many are excited to get to know each other, others are more skeptical.

“Coming into visual camp I was really worried about meeting and interacting with all these new people,” 8th grader Lily Peinhardt said. “Especially because I didn’t really know much about marching band and everything that went into it.“