VOE’s now offered only online


Noah Servigon

While many students had to go to the office to get a Verification of Enrollment in order to obtain their permit or license, the VOE form is now only offered online.

Yael Even and Kasey Harvey

Verification of Enrollment forms are now offered exclusively online for the 2019-2020 school year through the Student Portal.

Needing the form to get a permit or driver’s license, students are able to access the document with ease where school is in session or not. 

“The first time I got my VOE from the school, it took forever for me to actually make it down to the front office in the busy schedule that I have,” junior Anastasiya Liaskouskaya said via text. “Now getting my license and going through the online process, I can 100 percent say it’s more efficient and convenient for a high school student and their parents. This really helps students during the summer as well as during break, like myself, to not have to stress about missing a key element when going to the DPS.”

Senior Dorothy Collier believes students under 16 will have a much easier time getting their  VOE online. 

“It makes the process of getting a VOE so much easier because you don’t have to go to the office and ask for it,” Collier said. “And if you need it in the summer when the school is closed, that’s not a problem.”

Click here for instructions to request a VOE.