Beyblades take a spin on campus


Shreya Jagan

Students bring back a childhood game to campus, Beyblades. With the intention of just having some light hearted fun, students have been taking their battles seriously.

Shreya Jagan, Staff Reporter

With the school year in just its second week, a group of students have been using the advisory period to bring back a famous childhood toy to school and attracting the attention of many staff and students.

“So, beyblades are basically these metal and plastic spinners that originated from the show Beyblades,” sophomore Satwik Ghoshal said. “They were on air like a decade ago and these are implemented into real life and they’re very similar to tops.”

Using social media as an outlet, Ghoshal promoted the idea of bringing these toys to school.

“I just posted a story on Snapchat telling my friends to bring beyblades to school if they could,” Ghoshal said. “It literally just started out as a joke. During advisory, we were spinning the beyblades in the rotunda while people were still walking back and forth and later on we used our backpacks and created our own stadium on the floor of the cafeteria.”

A new sight during school, a lot of the teachers and students were entertained just by watching as well.

“I think anytime kids get together in groups, people start watching for whatever reason, kind of that herd mentality,” principal Ashley Rainwater said. “It’s something different, just like the frisbee club or any other activity, I just think the students were curious partly because those with the tops were hunched over and a lot of other students wanted to see what was going on. I think it’s a way to blow off steam during advisory, and also since advisory just started a lot of students are still unsure of how they want to utilize that time.

There are chances that students may face consequences if things are taken too far.

“We certainly don’t want to take the beyblades away from them because it’s their method of letting loose,” Rainwater said. “We would probably just ask them to move to a more appropriate location, and out of public areas because then it becomes harder for things to run smoothly and if they still fail to see through with that then our next step would follow the original student code of conduct.”

An experience to remember, the students don’t plan on stopping short there.

“There was such a huge crowd, I couldn’t hear myself think,” Ghoshal said.”We weren’t trying to gain anything from it, it was all just for fun. The satisfaction of seeing everybody enjoy themselves was a big part of it. We plan on doing this again every Friday during advisory. We’re going to create a club soon and keep on going with this because in a way all of our morales boosted and it was just something that I think deserves to continue.”