Featured Athlete: Keavon Wright

Grade: 12 | Sport: Football


Sarah Boutouis

Varsity football, senior Keavon Wright listens during practice. Playing football all throughout high school, the NFL is end goal for Wright.

Wingspan: What position do you play?

Wright: “I play wide receiver and safety.”

Wingspan: How long have you been playing football and why did you decide to play?

Wright: “When I was a little kid I used to play, but I got into basketball so I didn’t play for a while. When I got to middle school, my coaches convinced me to play and that’s how I got back into playing.”

Wingspan: How do you prepare for a game?

Wright: “I’m always prepared to play so I just relax and remember to have fun.”

Wingspan: Do you feel like there will be any changes in the team’s performance with a new head coach this year?

Wright: “Yeah, we kinda saw a flash of it in the beginning of the first game. But there’s still more changes that are needed.”

Wingspan: What do you think you’re good at physically and mentally?

Wright: “Physically I’m faster and my routes are much better. Mentally I’m better at reading the field, knowing how I would need to run my routes, and I’m way more focused.”

Wingspan: Why would you say the summer camp training was important and did it help you get better?

Wright: “It helped us get stronger and strengthened our chemistry and yes it did help us get better.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite part about football?

Wright: “Making big plays, definitely.”

Wingspan: What do you expect for your last season?

Wright: “Win some games. The goal is playoffs.”

Wingspan: Do you want to pursue the NFL?

Wright: “Most definitely. It’s always been a dream of mine.”