Featured Athlete: Jainam Manot

Grade: 12 | Sport: Swimming


At the end of a stroke, senior Jainam Manot takes a breath while competing in the ‘Boys 100 Yard Butterfly’ at a meet on Nov. 14. Now in his fourth year of swimming as a Redhawk, Manot initially joined the sport because of his mother.

Wingspan: Do you have a pregame ritual?

Manot: “I warm up for my event, listen to some music, and then just go for it.”

Wingspan: What inspired you to start swimming?

Manot: “My mom got me into it. She said it was a necessary life skill to be able to swim, and I just fell in love with the sport.”

Wingspan: What motivates you to continue swimming?

Manot: “Well, it’s good for my body and keeps me healthy, so I suppose it’s just habit at this point. I have no reason to stop, so I just try and get better.”

Wingspan: What is the most difficult part of being in swimming?

Manot: “Honestly, getting up in the morning and jumping into a freezing cold pool is the worst part, but once you get it over with it’s really rewarding.”

Wingspan: What is the biggest benefit of swimming?

Manot: “The biggest benefit is that you keep yourself healthy, get a full body exercise, and it is also a skill that is very useful to learn.”

Wingspan: What’s it like being on a team?

Manot: “There’s a lot of bonding going on, and it’s good to swim with friends and go out and have a great time. I love watching myself and others grow in their skills over time.

Wingspan: What motivates you before a competition?

Manot: “I usually just talk to my friends and we hype each other up by telling jokes and telling stories, and then we do our best.”