Orchestra meets theatre for production of Matilda


Sarah Boutouis

As a senior violinist in the top orchestra, Caroline Attomore had the opportunity to play in the pit at Matilda. The show will have live orchestral music to accompany each song.

Yael Even, Managing Editor

The musical Matilda opens on Thursday and runs for four nights. Not only is the cast and crew busy preparing for the show, but so too are the musicians playing in the pit orchestra which includes string instruments, percussion, and woodwinds. 

“There are many differences between normal orchestra and pit orchestra,” junior Hwanhee Lee said. “Since we are learning more songs, we have to learn to transition between songs in terms of different tones and styles and we have more rehearsals and longer practices and starting from next week we have to learn to match with the cast. So it will be a great experience for all of us.”

The pit orchestra is a unique musical experience for the musicians and the cast.

“I think the main benefit is that it really just adds to the amazing musical experience we are creating and trying to portray it to the audience because we are out here, creating a live show that we really want the audience to feel part of,” sophomore Tarini Pankant said. “I think that when we have this amazing live music that is done by the pit, it really adds that experience and makes it very special for the audience.”