Featured Athlete: Megan Weidenbach

Grade: 12| Sport: Wrestling


Wingspan: How long have you been wrestling? What inspired you to start?

Weidenbach: “This is my fourth year wrestling. I wasn’t really good at anything else. I was semi-athletic, and I could lift and I was pretty strong. I wasn’t fast, so I couldn’t do track. I wasn’t tall, so I couldn’t play volleyball. I figured wrestling could fit, and I was right.

Wingspan: Was there a certain coach that told you to try out, or was it your parents?

Weidenbach: “The wrestling team came to our middle school and did a demonstration, and I really liked it. My mom didn’t want me to wrestle, so I kind of signed up without her permission, and just sprung it on her and she eventually came around.”

Wingspan: What fuels your passion to continue wrestling?

Weidenbach: “Probably just that I want to be there for my team and we want to win state this year and I know that I can contribute to that, so that keeps me going during hard practices. Knowing that people count on me helps me want to get the job done.”

Wingspan: Knowing that you’re a senior, do you plan on wrestling after high school?

Weidenbach: “Probably not. I’ll continue to train in Jiu-Jitsu but there’s not any super solid girl programs at the colleges I’m interested in, so education is always first.

Wingspan: What do you enjoy most about wrestling?

Weidenbach: “I love the environment. I love that my team and I can beat each other up and still be really good friends afterwards. It’s a really weird dynamic but I love it.

Wingspan: What is the hardest part of wrestling?

Weidenbach: “The most challenging thing would be that its a very emotionally draining sport. You don’t really think about it until you’re actually doing it, where you have to maintain your weight, your conditioning, your training, and in other sports I played there’s not really that aspect. When I was in volleyball I could eat whatever I wanted, do anything but with wrestling it requires a different type of discipline.”

Wingspan: Is there anything you liked to improve on?

Weidenbach: “Definitely my cardio. That’s always something I’ve struggled with, especially with my body type. 

Wingspan: What do you do to prepare yourself before a match?

Weidenbach: “I usually have my earbuds in, listening to some upbeat music going to get me in the mindset. I usually warm up with my teammates just so I’m not by myself. You can psych yourself out really easily because it’s just you up there. There’s no one else to carry you.”

Wingspan: Do you have any tips for aspiring wrestlers?

Weidenbach: “Anyone can do it. We have all sorts of body types, walks of life, different backgrounds. Don’t exclude yourself just because you don’t think you’ll fit in.