Featured Athlete: Sabrina Wood

Grade: 10 | Sport: Horseback riding


Junior Sabrina Wood poses with her horses and awards following a riding competition. As horseback riding is not offered in the district, Wood balances her sport on top of advanced classes.

Wingspan: How long have you been horseback riding?

Wood: “I take probably about ten years now”

Wingspan: What made you interested in horseback riding?

Wood: “My aunt and uncle had horses, and when I would go visit them, I loved being around them and I convinced my parents to let me go to a summer camp and that’s how I got into it.”

Wingspan: How do you train before a meet?

Wood: “Typically I will ride one of my horses two to three times during the week, Monday through Friday, and then we typically have a show over the weekend.

Wingspan: How has horseback riding impacted you?

Wood: “It’s taught me a lot responsibility because I have to be in charge of [the horses], making sure they stay healthy, making sure they eat right, keeping up with them. And it’s also taught me to put someone above myself because for me, the horse always comes first.

Wingspan: Do you plan on horseback riding in college?

Wood: “Yes, I would love to be on a NCAA team but that’s really competitive so even if I could just to it recreationally, that would make me happy.

Wingspan: Do you have any tips for aspiring horseback riders?

Wood: “Probably spend as much time as they can around the horse, getting comfortable around horses and understanding them is what makes it easier to get along with them and ride them better.”