2020 will unlock the full potential of technology



The Drive.ai self-driving car service, with its orange cars adorning informative screens, is projected to be available to the public in select Frisco areas. Guest contributor shares her thoughts on what the new year means for technology.

Olivia Paulk, Guest Contributor

Hopping on the bandwagon of every advertising company ever, I welcome you all to the Roaring Twenties.

But what does the Roaring Twenties bring with it, you ask? Well, aside from a new year of potential to make things better or screw them up even more, for the techies reading this, 2020 is predicted to be a year that will be greatly involved in technological advancements, which is almost always something to get hyped about. 

Whether it be a science fiction cliche, or an actual development in our works as a civilization, we will always be advancing in new and interesting ways each year, and 2020 is when we get a little more insight into what’s going to be going down.


While many of you readers might not be old enough to drive, we’re getting to a point where they might not need to be a concern anymore. Self-driving cars are real things now, not just topics used for philosophical, moral debates about ‘who would you hit if on the street if you had to hit someone’. Companies from Google to DARPA are designing and perfecting their own self-driving cars, as all big companies are desperate to make things easier and quicker, as always. So rest easy, all who struggle with parallel parking, that tedious time might be coming to an end sooner than you might think. 

Going beyond the borders of our atmosphere, Japan also has big plans to stretch out to our neighborly hunk of rock in space. They plan to build a robotic base on our moon, and at this point? Why not? This base will be built by advanced robots, for advanced robots. The nation has proven itself to be ready for such a job, looking back on their technological abilities. Surprisingly, the little bump in this idea isn’t the limit of technology, but the stretch of their budget. Let’s hope that the funders will realize how cool that is and let it roll on through.

Taking a more environmentally conscious stance now, several prominent groups have made promises to back away from fossil fuels as much as they can for the sake of our planet. That includes the U.S. military, which has pledged to get half of their energy from renewable energy by this year. Not only will this be a big help to the preservation of our planet, but it’s more cost efficient. It’s a wonder why we didn’t do this sooner, really.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, folks. When our generation gets a little older, I won’t be surprised when they announce the idea of fully functioning androids to the public or brain-connected devicesBoth are cliche, common ways of a technology-based apocalypse, but when has that ever stopped us? So strap into your AI car and put on your augmented reality glasses, because the future is now.