Featured Athlete: Tristan Seales

Grade: 12 | Sport: Wrestling


Wingspan: How long have you been wrestling? 

Seals: “I have been wrestling for four years now, since eighth grade.”

Wingspan: How do you feel when you step onto the mat?

Seals: “I feel confident in my ability to win.”

Wingspan: What do you do before a match, typically?

Seals: “Before a match, I usually start warming up, working on my stance and almost start kind of meditating, get my mind in the game and focus it on what I want to do and how to execute it on the mat.”

Wingspan: Do you feel that wrestling has benefitted you in some way?

Seals: “It’s definitely helped me grow more as a leader, and grow more open with people as a whole, with having a team and everything, supporting each other, it’s important.

Wingspan: Is it difficult being the captain?

Seals: “It has it’s time of getting on to people, which isn’t fun, but over time it becomes easier and it’s one of my strengths.”

Wingspan: Do you feel a sense of responsibility for your players?

Seals: “To a certain extent. You can only help someone so much in life, you can force them to do it. They have to want it themselves. You can help them want it, but that’s as far as you can go.

Wingspan: Do you plan on wrestling after high school?

Seals: “No, I’m only focusing on academics.”

Wingspan: Do you have any tips for aspiring wrestlers?

Seals: “It sounds cheesy but don’t get discouraged. It’s ok to be nervous, but stay in there.”