Featured Athlete: Daley Burkett

Grade: 12 | Sport: Wrestling


Standing up during training in class, senior Daley Burkett is coming off of a first place finish in the district tournament last week. Now preparing for Regionals, Daley credits wrestling with shaping her into the person she is today.

Wingspan: How long have you been wrestling?

Daley: “This is my third year wrestling.”

Wingspan: How do you feel when you wrestle?

Daley: “When I step onto the mat I’m a little nervous, but I also feel confident in all the work that I’ve put in and my ability to perform well.”

Wingspan: What do you do before a match?

Daley: “Before a match I typically listen to some rock music to get me pumped up then I stretch and visualize the moves I want to do during the match.”

Wingspan: How has wrestling changed you?

Daley: “Wrestling has benefitted me a lot, since joining the team I have come out of my shell a lot and become much more self confident. I’ve also learned so much from the coaches and the sport about perseverance and discipline.”

Wingspan: How do you feel when you win a match?

Daley: “Winning a match is always very exciting. I feel as though I’ve made my team family and my coaches proud. It’s also just really fun and makes the sport that much more enjoyable.”

Wingspan: Do you plan on wrestling after high school? 

Daley: “I don’t plan on wrestling after high school. College wrestling for women (freestyle) is very different than the type of wrestling we do in high school (folk style) and it’s just not something I wish to pursue. But wrestling will always hold a very special place in my heart and I’ve made all of my best high school memories because of this sport.”

Wingspan: What was it like placing first in districts?

Daley: “Placing first in districts was very exciting, it was the first tournament that I’ve gotten first at, and I worked really hard this season to get this win. Now we’re moving on to Regionals and after that is state. My goal for this year was to qualify for state so hopefully I achieve that goal.”

Wingspan: What would you tell someone who wants to try wrestling?

Daley: “Wrestling is a really tough sport, but it helps you learn how to work hard and many other life lessons. I wholeheartedly believe that wrestling has made me into a better person and that it has greatly shaped the person I am today. Anyone wanting to join wrestling should definitely do so. This is a sport that doesn’t discriminate against shape or size as long as you’re willing to put in the work.”