Broadening perspectives with injustice project


Ananda Ghoshal

Presenting their multimedia projects, students (left to right) Sabuhee Zafar, Shivani Kosuri, Manisha Woodruff, Mashi Farhad speak about the different perspectives they covered.

Shreya Jagan, Staff Reporter

Pre-AP English 2 students are taking on social injustices in an ongoing project where students choose from a variety of issues in today’s world to tackle. 

“So basically each group picks a problem in society,” sophomore Keenan Serrao said. “We write an essay and present the injustices that our topic (racism, global warming, etc.) has brought about. Each person writes their essay from a different point of view. Some being political, some economic, and further on.”

English teacher Chad Doty hopes that the project will encourage students to delve deeper into such topics.

“I think it’ll definitely spark multiple discussions,” Doty said. “A continuous discussion at least, about the constant injustices that we face in this country.”

The project also helps students in figuring out things that they’re interested in.

“I feel that I’m already gaining a lot of sociological perspectives about our country,” sophomore Nicolly Moreno said. “Through this project, I think I’ll gain awareness about the events that go on in our world.”

The underlying meaning of the project serves as an epiphany to many.

“It’s really unfair the way our society is structured,” sophomore Abby Cho said. “We pay attention to a lot of things with no importance and a lot of the problems are overlooked. I’m hoping that this project not only opens my eyes but of those around us as well.”