Setting the scene, Theater 1 starts new project


Trisha Dasgupta

After learning about the history of film, Theater 1 students are starting a new project. They now have the opportunity to act out a scene based off of their own creativity.

Aarya Oswal, Guest Contributor

Now that Theater 1 students have wrapped up learning about the history of film they have an opportunity to act in a scene where the students get to decide how they want to act in it.

Freshman Brianna Lloyd believes that an open scene for a project would be a great learning experience about learning acting.

“I think that as theater students it could better us in the long run but for right now it’s all confusing, we’re all dealing with 7 other classes and auditioning for theater productions isn’t first on my list of priorities,” Lloyd said. “Although i do think if the circumstances were different, acting in a scene could be a lot of fun to do and a great learning experience.”

Even though she believes there is more work in the class now more than ever, freshman Emily Thomas is ecstatic about doing the project as she has not done a project like this in the theater class before.

“I think we are doing more online work than what we did in the actual class,” Thomas said. “I think the project is going to be really difficult for some people because of limitations that we have with editing and all the things that go into it. I do however think the final product will be really cool to see. I’m excited to work on it.”

Freshman Abigail Junan reckons that this new opportunity to read from a script is a great way to express herself in the way that she wants.

“I love acting a lot, and up till now, I haven’t really got much exposure to actually acting like for example, reading from a script, and now that I finally have the opportunity, I am not going to let it go,” Junan said. “I think the concept of an open scene is a great way for actors to be able to express themselves in  a way that they want.”