New cameras to improve school security


Melody Tavallaee

School Resource Office Glen Hubbard now has the ability to see the entire campus from simply by pulling up a camera on his computer. The school’s new security cameras were installed in May.

Ally Lastovica, Staff Reporter

One of the main ways the campus ensures the safety of its staff and students is through the use of security cameras, and with the system getting new updates, surveillance quality is now improved. 

“The biggest difference is the clarity and the positioning of some more cameras, so we have eliminated a lot of our blind spots,” School Resource Officer Glen Hubbard Hubbard said. “Without the blind spots, you’re able to track [people] through the school. They set it up in groups, so you can track through the school real easily.”

The quality of the cameras are another big enhancement with the system.    

 “It’s just so much clearer and you can focus a little bit, you can actually dial in on what you’re looking at a little bit better to see a little bit closer,” Hubbard says. “You can definitely recognize people a lot easier. We see a lot more detail, a lot more movement.”