Rhea of Sunshine: the benefits of social media


Morgan Kong

In this weekly column, Wingspan staff reporter Rhea Advani provides her take on a variety of topics.

Rhea Advani, Staff Reporter

Happy Thursday everyone. 

This week I want to discuss something that you’ve definitely heard about if you’ve taken any English class ever. And that’s the effects of social media. 

Most articles we read are written in the perspective of arguing that social media is bad for us and the many problems that it leads to. However, as someone who has all forms of social media and is on it all the time, I’d like to give a different take.

These social networks are one of the main ways that people these days communicate with each other. You may have heard that too much time spent on social media can cause teenagers to feel low self esteem, sadness, or even depression. This may or may not come as a surprise, but social media is one of the main ways teens become more comfortable expressing themselves in ways that’s hard for them to do otherwise.

For virtual academy students, there is limited interaction with friends due to the coronavirus, and it can be hard and challenging for people to feel connections with others nowadays. But with the help of connecting with friends and family online, it can help to ease the difficult situation.

My opinion on social media comes from the standpoint of someone who uses it on a daily basis. So of course, it’s going to vary from a concerned parent, or teachers point of view. I think that when looking at everything from a big picture, social media has helped people communicate in tremendous ways, and outlaws the cons. 

I would love to hear your opinions on social media, so feel free to contact or email me anytime! I hope you all have an awesome weekend.