Model UN hosts mock conference


Delegates from Model United Nations took home numerous awards from the State conference. After coming to campus in 2019 with only three delegates, Redhawks quickly made their mark at the State conference.

Trisha Dasgupta, Editor-in-Chief

Model United Nations is participating in a mock conference Tuesday, in order to prepare for their annual regional conference on Dec. 12.

“Our mock conference is going to imitate a normal Model United Nations conference to the best of our ability,” Model U.N. vice president Nayel Nasifa said via text. “Just like usual delegates are assigned to committees and countries, but this time they will be debating over zoom. We’ll have two committees chaired by our officers so we can give our members the best feedback and guidance possible leading up to our Dallas regional conference.”

Like most things this year, Model U.N. looks very different due to regulations regarding COVID-19. Every club meeting and conference this year will be held over Zoom.

“Although I am extremely grateful for having the appropriate resources to host meetings through a virtual platform, it has been a little harder to do so this year as we are not able to see people as often and really know if they are understanding content or not,” Model U.N. parliamentarian Arshia Narula said via email. “I am, however, really happy that the delegates are all very understanding and always seek help when they need it. Their cooperation with the officers makes running meetings much easier on our side as we know that a majority of the delegates present understand the content we teach and do not feel left out.”

For sophomore Jiya Surywanshi, the club presents an opportunity to connect with the world around her.
“I am participating in this club because it’s a really good way to meet people and learn more,” Surywanshi said. “My favorite part about model U.N. is getting to know more about the situations other counties are in. It makes me open my eyes to the world around me and helps me gain a wider perspective on the world.”

Students in Model U.N. have spent the entire semester learning about debate and global issues amidst the pandemic, and Nasifa believes that the nature of the club has never been more relevant.

“Model United Nations is definitely especially relevant this year,” Nasifa said. “With a global pandemic going on, we hear all kinds of news from other countries or in regards to the international status of this crisis, the UN has an important role (for example everyone’s been hearing about the World Health Organization which is part of the UN). In model UN our members have the opportunity to learn more about how the world is being affected by a plethora of issues, and new knowledge may help people feel more secure or certain in an uncertain situation like the present.”