Curtain opens as new ITS members get inducted


Aliza Porter

The spotlight is on theatre students as they get inducted into International Thespian Society on Thursday. The organization offers a community of others involved in high school as well as opportunities to like workshops to improve their skills.

Rishika Desai, Guest Contributor

Theatre’s International Thespian Society (ITS) is hosting their yearly induction ceremony in the auditorium Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

“ITS is an internationally recognized society for people who are involved in theater in high school,” senior and ITS Vice President Chloe Zonis said. “I think around 20 new students are getting inducted this year.”

Students get inducted into ITS when they achieve a certain amount of points gained by participating in shows, workshops, or troupe events.

“Being in shows is the easiest way to get points,” Zonis said. “But you can also get them from being in Junior ITS from middle school, doing shows outside of school, or getting involved in theatre other ways.”

Due to COVID, there wasn’t as much to do, but the troupe officers still worked to make sure that its members were involved.

“This year ITS looked a little bit different. Some of our main activities just included meetings, making sure students were participating in theatre activities within school, and gaining points with any activity they’re involved in, whether it’s being in a show or working crew,” Zonis said. “In regular years, we have an International Thespian convention where you can go, and you can meet kids from other troupes in your state and compete against them in whatever your respected field in theatre is.”

In a typical year, members go see other high schools’ shows together, participate in workshops, and get together at the school or at one of the member’s houses.

“ITS is a really good way to stay involved in theatre, so we do a lot of social events, especially in a normal year. We did have one movie night where we all sat distanced in the auditorium, which I know was really fun for everyone,” campus ITS president, senior Annelise Best said. “You also have access to the International Thespian Festival at the Gaylord Hotel in Dallas, where you do a bunch of workshops and hang out with your friends.”

Best is grateful that the troupe is even getting to have an induction ceremony this year.

“Most years, we have our induction at a venue, and we have it with a banquet, but this year it’s its own thing, and we’re having it in the auditorium. We’re also being COVID safe, so we’re a little more spaced out than usual, but I’m really happy we’re having an induction at all this year because we were worried we wouldn’t,” Best said. “It’s a really nice way to end out the year and reflect on what we have accomplished as a department.”