A second first day of school for dual credit students


Nick Young

Students searching for college credit opportunities without AP exams, several students take classes in coordination with Collin College. Kicking off class one week later than most students, Monday is the first day of the semester for dual credit courses.

Erika Pernis, Managing Editor

An extended summer break ended Monday as dual credit classes began through Collin College and the University of North Texas began.

Dual credit classes are an opportunity for students to take courses affiliated with in order to earn credit for both high school and college. 

“I can get ahead for college and just have my English and history credits out of the way,” senior Ava Suazo said. “And I’m kind of excited because I want to know who my professors are.”

The prices and workload in comparison to actual college classes and AP classes are also an upside for Suazo.

“It gives students a chance to get ahead on college credits, but less expensive. It’s a lot cheaper now than it is to take them in college because those semesters are typically thousands of dollars,” Suazo said. “And then AP classes are a lot more of a workload because It’s a lot more just focused on the AP test itself, while dual credit classes are more like essay based and just through textbooks.”