Best Buddies hosts Back to School Bash


Best Buddies will be having a Back-to-School Bash Saturday, beginning at 10 a.m. It is also an opportunity for some students to earn service hours.

Caroline Caruso, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Best Buddies will be hosting their Back to School Bash Saturday, beginning at 10 a.m. Open to all students, staff, and parents, the meetup will set the tone for the rest of the chapter events this school year. 

“The purpose of Back to School Bash is for members and non-members alike to understand what Best Buddies is and its mission of inclusivity,” treasurer Sindu Kristipati said. “It’s the first official event we have before we match our buddy friendships for the year, so everyone gets to meet each other.”

Members of Key Club and NHS are expected to make a visit as well in exchange for volunteer hours. 

“Since we promoted with more clubs outside of our own members, I’m hoping that we have a big turnout,” sponsor Cynthia Kays said. “Considering we had over 56 students at our first chapter meeting, we expect that many at our Back to School Bash, or even more.”

Kays believes the event will be a great way to involve the Redhawk community. 

“We aim to get not only our buddies involved, but to get other students in our school involved so that they can see how special our kids really are,” she said.