To mask or not the focus of public comment

The Frisco ISD Board of Trustees held its monthly meeting Monday night


Trisha Dasgupta

Frisco ISD has opened applications for the district committees. The applications consist of roles for the District Advisory Council, Legislative Leadership Council, Library Reconsideration Committee, Safety and Security Committee, School Health Advisory Committee, Special Education Parent Committee, and Student Advisory Committee.

Kirthi Gummadi, Executive Producer

Dozens of parents and students gathered at the monthly board meeting on Monday night at the Frisco ISD administration building. Among the issues discussed in front of the Board of Trustees were the plans for middle school #18 located near Panther Creek High School. 

“We came up with six driving factors for the build: collaboration, flexibility, student empowerment, outdoor learning, variety of spaces, and the concept of learning happens anywhere,” Corgan Principal Brett Sumrow said.

The new middle school will feature a floor plan different from most middle schools with it being a two-story building. 

Soon after, the public comment portion of the meeting began, which featured more than a dozen people addressing the school board, with the vast majority either supporting or opposing mask mandates which was not on Monday’s agenda. 

“Board, as you can see, the flu has been more deadly to kids during the season than covid has been since the first case in America,” Zoey Young said to the board. “What is the reason we are masking our kids?”

“I’m here to ask you to please implement a mask mandate to put a stop to this madness,” Harold Jimenez said to the board. “Provide a safe environment for children to go to school, for our teachers to teach and for our community to be safe.”