Year by year, the ITS legacy continues on campus


Kyle Strickland

Each year several Redhawks theatre students are inducted into the International Thespian Society, and organization working to promote the celebration of educational theatre in a high school setting. Aside from activities throughout the year, the Redhawk ITS troupe’s main gathering is held in November when they get to attend the International Thespian Festival.

Ananya Kulkarni, Guest Contributor

A Tony Award isn’t something obtainable for theatre students on campus, but the The International Thespian Society celebrates educational theatre with several Redhawks earning membership in the organization. 

“Everyone is able to be in ITS, whether you are in a theatre class or not,” ITS member, senior Mia Tremmel said. “The only requirement to be inducted is that you need to have ten thespian points which is attained by doing theatre things. That could be performing in theatre or helping in theatre.” 

Theatre director Heather Willingham, who was inducted into ITS when she was in high school, appreciates what the organization provides. and This society, commonly referred to as ITS, has lent a part of itself 

“It helps create a sense of community amongst the people who are in theatre,” Willingham said. “And for those who are not in theatre, it helps them become a part of the theatre community here at Liberty High School.”

It has proved to be a positive and encouraging experience for many members of the community including Tremmel. 

“It’s a great community for people,” she said. “It is a great experience for people who are interested in Theatre. It’s a really collaborative and an awesome community to be in.” 

This year the Redhawks ITS troupe plans on conducting a lot more activities than year’s past. 

“We host a lot of holiday parties,” campus ITS president, senior Riziki Kimani said. “We are also doing penny wars where we gather money to donate to Broadway Cares. We have a bunch of different movie nights.”  

But the activity that is most anticipated by theatre students is the International Thespian Festival that is being held at the Gaylord Texan Resort each November. 

“There will be acting workshops. Almost everything you can imagine. There will be technical and design workshops,” Willingham said. “There will be shows. There will be full main stage musicals and plays. There are also smaller student directed plays and we are entering one. Jessica Daly’s senior direct play, “Swagger”,  is being entered and we will see if it is chosen to be performed.”