Rezoning approved at November school board meeting


Trisha Dasgupta

Frisco ISD has opened applications for the district committees. The applications consist of roles for the District Advisory Council, Legislative Leadership Council, Library Reconsideration Committee, Safety and Security Committee, School Health Advisory Committee, Special Education Parent Committee, and Student Advisory Committee.

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

Frisco ISD’s Board of Trustees held its monthly school board meeting Monday evening to discuss many topics including approved rezoning and the FISD+ program.

Attendance zones for the 2022-2023 school year finalized to prepare for the opening of both Panther Creek High School and Minett Elementary School.

“FISD has been the fastest growing school district in the past 20 years,” Frisco ISD Deputy Superintendent of Business and Operations Todd Fouche said in last night’s meeting. “We’ve rezoned students 17 times over the last 20 years. We kind of knew this rezone was coming. And we were going to have to get a few hundred students relief from Reddy.”

Many families with students zoned for Reddy High School have voiced their concerns about the rezoning.

“We’ve gotten 856 emails and phone calls over the last few weeks,” Fouche said at the board meeting. “274 were concerned about the Reedy Frisco move and 279 were about the Reedy to Lone Star move.”

Another topic discussed during the meeting was the introduction of the FISD+ program in the 2022-2023 school year.

“This is a remote learning program we will be starting with high school students,” Chief Academic Officer Wes Cunningham said during the board meeting. “It will allow two options: full time and hybrid. Full time will allow students to graduate from FISD with up to a distinguished level of achievement with several different endorsements available. The hybrid program will allow students to take core classes through FISD+ program and take other courses, extra curricular and co-curricular classes at their home campus.”

Some additional topics covered during the meeting were retention bonuses and the February 18 staff development day being changed to a holiday.

Retention bonuses will be in effect in January 2022.

“I think it was very nice of them to recognize the hard work that the teachers have been putting in over the last year or a year and a half and during COVID-19,” teacher Kalynne Tweedie said. “So I really appreciate the retention bonuses.”

FISD staff members will also no longer have to work on February 18 2022.

“I think that the teachers have been through a lot the last two years and the last 18 months for sure and I think that teachers are spending their own time planning lessons, adjusting to a new grading system, trying to cope with returning back to normalcy and all of the stress that entails with the kids in the class which is just a lot this year,” teacher Jeff Crowe said. “So I really appreciate the district’s initiative here and giving teachers back some of the time that they have been spending and trying to take care of the teachers that take care of the kids in the district.”