For whom the bells don’t toll


Trisha Dasgupta

The system that controls the bells throughout the school has been working properly since late November. School administrators have submitted a work order, but in the meantime, some teachers without bells in their room have been coming up with their own system to make sure they start and end class on time.

Athena Tseng, Managing Editor

Work crews were on campus Monday to fix some of the clocks in the hallway, but repairs are still waiting to be completed on both the PA system and the bell system that haven’t been working in some parts of campus since late November. 

School administrators have put in work orders, but in the meantime, some teachers are having to keep class time themselves. 

“It’s been not working since we got back from Thanksgiving break,” science teacher Chris Ham said. “So I’ve been a little slow in getting my class going because I didn’t hear the bell. I also rely on the bells for releasing my students, leading me to not be my best in terms of timing just because I’m not used to it.”

The lack of bells in some parts of the school is impacting some students as well. 

“It has been really aggravating with the bells not working because sometimes I’ll be let out late, making me late for my next class,” junior Natalie Wilson said.

To help in his effort to make sure he ends class on time, Ham has found a way around the lack of bells. 

“I’ve been making my own bell by setting up a timer on my projector,” Ham said. “So we’ve been using that as our own bell because the bells still don’t work.”