Rhea of Sunshine: television for teenagers fails to target reality


Morgan Kong

In this weekly column, Wingspan staff reporter Rhea Advani provides her take on a variety of topics.

Rhea Advani, Staff Reporter

So those of us who are HBO Max fans, know that the new season of the show Euphoria launched Monday. As I was watching the first season again, I picked up on a few things that I didn’t remember seeing in the first time around. 

First of all the show mainly takes place in a high school and most of the main characters are all high schoolers. When I see what’s happening in the show and then at school with my friends, it’s like a completely different universe. Nothing that is happening correlates with things that take place in real life, but the least the directors could do is make it realistic. When I watch, I have to constantly remind myself that the characters that are involving themselves in such bizarre and crazy scenarios are juniors and seniors just like us.

Not only does this happen in Euphoria, but another example is Gossip Girl. In Gossip Girl, the characters come to school in tuxedos, and business-casual/ business-fancy attire every day. Granted, it may be because the school they attend is a private school but this goes beyond their outfits. It’s also about the extracurricular activities that take place in the show as well.

Though these two TV shows couldn’t be anymore different from each other, the one thing that they have in common is that the producers looked to create something that might be enjoyable for viewers to watch rather than it being realistic. 

High school is an easy setting to have for a show because directors have an easy way of having all of the characters at the same place at the same time. I think that’s why a lot of shows take place in high school. But in reality, that’s actually not how it actually is at all. Though it’s not all about outfits, no one comes to school in a Gossip Girl or Euphoria wardrobe.

Although these types of television shows are extremely popular, enjoyable, well scripted, and well played out, they aren’t realistic.