Band and orchestra take the stage for Mid-Winter concert

Both groups collaborate in performance Tuesday evening


Kennedy Williams

Symphonic band director Tyler Elvidge conducts students as they prepare for their performance. Similar to the Winter Extravaganza that was held in December, both band and orchestra will be joining together for Tuesday evening. Sophomore saxophone player Sanjana Vallampati is excited to showcase the band’s new music.

Gabriella Demartin, Guest Contributor

A new concert has emerged for the band following the Winter Extravaganza in December as the Mid-Winter Concert will be Tuesday with each of the four bands performing 2-4 songs.

We have traditionally done the mid-winter concert to bridge the gap between the Winter Extravaganza or Holiday Concert, and UIL in mid-April,” band director Cecily Yoakam said. “It gives students the opportunity to learn new music or skills to apply to later music, as well as gives students in Wind Ensemble an opportunity to focus on small ensembles they wouldn’t normally get to perform in.”

Many of the band students can’t wait to play new songs for the concert. Sophomore saxophone player Sanjana Vallampati is one of them.

“I am excited for the Mid-Winter Concert,” Vallampati said. “We’re playing a song that I really like and we have a lot of melodies, so it’s really fun to play.”

For junior flute player Eujin Chung, there’s been plenty of time to prepare for Tuesday’s concert. 

“I definitely feel prepared,” Chung said. “We get to practice the music a lot during class, so I think we definitely, like, we have a lot of experience, like, listening to what it sounds like, so I think with a little bit more practice we’ll be really prepared.”

However, some students aren’t as excited by the song selections for the Mid-Winter Concert. 

“The music isn’t as interesting as the other stuff we’ve done this year, so I’m just not as- I’m not looking forward to it as much as the other things this year,” freshman flute player Zachary Homer said. “The music parts are fairly repetitive compared to what we did in marching season.”