Breaking News: snow days of Feb. 3-4 will not be made up


Varun Saravanan

The winter storm of Feb. 3-4 covered the Frisco area with up to 2 inches of snow and left plants, trees, sidewalks, and street covered in ice as well. As a result of the storm Frisco ISD canceled school for two days and announced on Thursday the district will not have to make those days up via the bad weather days on the calendar in April.

Wingspan Staff

After originally planning on utilizing the bad weather make-up days in April as a result of the winter storm that canceled school Feb. 3-4, Frisco ISD sent out the following email Thursday morning:

“We want to provide an update on our bad weather make-up days. After further analysis, it was determined that it will not be necessary to make up last week’s missed school days. As a result, both Monday, April 18 and Monday, April 25, 2022 will be holidays with no school for both students and staff.

We hope you enjoy these two Mondays off in April!”