Facets of Faith: fixings for the future


Hanl Brown

Staff reporter Faith Brocke expresses her emotions and experiences in her column, Facets of Faith.

Faith Brocke, Staff Reporter

Lately, I’ve been looking at colleges, both in person and online, and there’s a vast selection out there. 

My main fear is not getting into a school, but choosing the wrong one.

A lot of people have said that I’ll ‘just know’ like they do with cars and people, or really anything that you have to make a decision for. But that’s genuinely the most unhelpful thing to say to me as I try to draw a conclusion. 

Sure, I don’t have to worry about this yet, but it’d be nice if I had an idea. Once I choose a school, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get there, to acclimate myself to the conditions, etc.

Currently, Vanderbilt is high on my list, but it’s only the second I’ve seen, OU being the first campus I’ve set foot on. Both were pretty impressive considering what I plan to do with my life, and they differ in a lot of ways.

I can’t say I know everything about either college, but I’ve got a notebook overflowing with lists of information about every school I plan to visit, so it’s safe to say I’m prepared for the ride.

I still have a whole list to weed through so that I can figure out where I belong; I just hope I get to that point soon.