Red Rhythm kicking it back in season for tryouts


Rachel Zhu

Kicking their legs high in the air, the Red Rhythm dance team practices their Winter Extravaganza performance in the auditorium. Beginning Thursday, the team will resume tryouts for next year.

Emma Zubov, Guest Contributor

Red Rhythm is warming up for next year with its 2022-2023 line tryouts clinics that run from Tuesday through Friday.

“We are excited, always excited for a new year, and then for the ones on the team now just to see them grow even more,” assistant director Sarah Cadungug said. “During the clinics dancers are learning three different combos: jazz, military, and kick. They are going to learn, and practice all week, and then the auditions will be on Friday.”

The tryout clinics allow current members to meet new incoming members, especially officers who can help along the way.

“I am so excited to try out and meet everybody. We have been doing clinics to help some of the hopefuls, and they have been doing a great job so far,” junior officer Kanen Braden. “This year masks will be optional for tryouts, but other than that the tryouts will look similar to last year. Since I am only a junior officer I will have to try out again, but I will be able to help out any hopefuls with any questions they have.”

Currently the drill team has 33 members, but the line tryout clinics bring an opportunity for incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors to join. 

“I actually heard about the team after I joined the dance program here, and it seemed interesting,” freshman Anvi Saxena said. “I am honestly auditioning for fun, and with no pressure, and hope that I make it, but if not that’s fine to just experience the training.”