CTE hosts college and career fair on Thursday


Maya Silberman

The CTE center is hosting a college and career day on Thursday to meet with representatives from college and jobs around the area.

Aashi Oswal, Guest Contributor

From opportunities for hourly jobs to meeting college representatives, Frisco ISD is hosting their yearly College and Career Fair for students this Thursday from 5-7 pm at the CTE Center.

“It’s been a pretty popular event that has grown through the years,” CTE counselor Stacy Purl said. “And that’s mostly because of how much the community has grown with the addition of new high schools and a diversity of students coming in.”

Students need to come professionally dressed and prepared with a resume for the possibility of being interviewed on the spot by one of the 49 employers present

“I’ve practiced at home and looked online to what typical questions would be asked,” Lebanon Trail sophomore Heet Sanghvi said. “I’ve also updated my resume and found a way to make sure it’s proper and perfect for the job fair.”

On the other hand, for junior Neha Lakka, the prospect of having 22 college representatives present is helpful for life after high school. 

“I think it is very beneficial because it lets students figure out how to get a job before they get into college,” Lakka said. “And it gives you an idea of what to expect when you get out of high school and gets you ready for the real world.” 

Regardless of what each student hopes to seek in the job fair, Purl hopes that the fair creates a comfortable environment where students feel more confident.

“I do think that sometimes a barrier to students is that they don’t feel comfortable going into all these places and possibly getting rejected,” Purl said. “So while it may also feel intimidating to come here, hopefully, it’s a safe space because it’s Frisco ISD and I think it’ll be a good thing for students because they can start developing that work resume and get that job experience.”