All Voices Matter: passing on the torch


Maya Silberman

In her revival of the weekly column, All Voices Matter, staff reporter Sydney Bishop offers her take on various social and cultural issues.

Sydney Bishop, Staff Reporter

As the year comes to an end and I inevitably face the ending of my time writing All Voices Matter, I am offered the opportunity to reflect on what I do this for. I took on All Voices Matter with the intention of using my own opinions and understanding to spread awareness and inspire others to learn more about the issues I cover. 

I believe that having an opinion is a much more powerful tool than we are aware of. Opinions can hurt people, help people, inspire people, and cause abundant amounts of change. 

That is why I want to dedicate this column to the person who writes for All Voices Matter after I do, and all the people who will have the opportunity to read their writing. 

I first want to show my appreciation for my predecessor, Aviance Pritchett, for creating the platform in which I had the pleasure of continuing. I believe that the metamorphosis that has taken place due to our differences in style and background has been a beautiful thing to witness. 

To the next person who dares to stretch the minds of Wingspan readers with their weekly columns, I first want to say that taking on this role in Wingspan will build confidence as well as the very useful ability to write quality pieces fairly quickly. But most importantly, you’ll grow as a person as your scope of the world widens ten-fold to recognize issues and intricacies you would’ve otherwise overlooked. 

There are so many topics out there that are waiting on someone to see and form an opinion on, which is both inspiring and challenging. But don’t neglect to look within yourself as well. 

Your story is what strengthens your writing, after all, all opinions come from a level of personal experience. What you are familiar with could relate to others, and through telling your story you could be shedding light on any number of other people’s as well. 

The most humbling part of writing All Voices Matter every week was the opportunity I had to bring life to the things I’ve read or seen and to know that those who share my opinions are able to be advocated for through my writing. 

Writing was always something that has come very naturally to me, and having this outlet has molded me into a person I love to see looking in the mirror. All I could ask for is someone else to have a similar experience. 

When I continue my journalism career at Hampton University next year, within everything I compose I will continue to remember that all voices matter.