Moon Knight’s end credit scene



In this week’s edition of Cinema Summaries, Andrew takes a second look at Moon Knight, in the end credit scene.

Andrew Jáuregui, Interactive Media Editor

Marvel’s latest Disney+ series, Moon Knight aired its season finale today, leaving many fans slightly confused with its ending. The last scene we see before the credits is Marc and Steven waking up together in the apartment from the beginning of the series, seemingly able to finally coexist within the same body after the two reject the status of the Moon Knight, Khonshu’s avatar.

However, revealed in the post-credits scene, we see that a third personality exists within Marc and Steven’s body, a fact that had been hinted at several times before we finally got to witness it. This third personality, Jake Lockley, unlike the other two, is still under the control of Khonshu, as he kills the series villain Harrow at Khonshu’s request, something that Marc and Steven refused to carry out.

Although the third personality was revealed, many questions remain unanswered, such as whether Jake has any superpowers, or what will become of Marc and Steven. Both of these two personalities know that there is a third among them, but it is clear that they have no idea who or what it is, only that it is extremely violent. It is unclear how Marc and Steven will react when they find out that Khonshu still has control over them even though they had an agreement to be free of him completely.

Hopefully, all these questions will be answered in the next season of Moon Knight, or in any subsequent films or a different Disney+ series.