Leaping across the state for annual dance camp

Red Rhythm team travels to Lakeway, Texas over summer


Mason Classe

Pictured: Red Rhythm dance squad poses for a picture. Red Rhythm hit the roads over the summer as they traveled to Lakeway, TX for their annual dance camp. The team not only worked on their skills, but they worked on cooperation and bonding as well.

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

The Red Rhythm dance team found themselves leaping across the state as they traveled to Lakeway, TX for their yearly dance camp this summer.

Team rookie and freshman Mason Classe explains the day-to-day camp experience. 

“Each day we woke up around seven a.m. and would spend the day learning our routines for football season,” Classe said. “Additionally we took classes that worked on our technique and bonded us as a team. On some days, we performed a routine we had learned only a few hours prior to receive feedback for improvement.”

The team not only worked on their dance skills but their team-building skills as well.

“During the first half of line camp, we did various activities involving working in teams,” senior Jane Hao said. “There was one in particular where we had to create a performance with certain materials and restrictions. I was the only Red Rhythm member in my group, so I was extremely nervous, to say the least. Turns out, the other teams were super welcoming and we ended up creating an extremely memorable performance.” 

For many members including president senior Kanen Braden, this line camp was one to remember.

“My favorite part of camp was getting to see everyone and spend so much time with the team before school starts,” Braden said. “It was the first time really getting to know people and it was amazing.”