Featured Athlete: Davion Dixon


Provided by Davion Dixon

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 9/15 is varsity football player senior Davion Dixon.

Tamnea Jackson, Staff Reporter

Wingspan: When did you start playing sports?

Dixon: “Ever since I started walking, I’ve just always been playing.”

Wingspan: What made you wanna do football?

Dixon: “I just grew up around it, and always saw it on TV, so that’s when I decided that I wanted to play.”

Wingspan: What’s the hardest thing you had to learn in football?

Dixon: “That not everything is given to you, you have to work for most things.” 

Wingspan: What kind of mindset do you need to play this sport?

Dixon: “You just have to have a positive mindset going into practice and games.”

Wingspan: Who is your biggest motivation?

Dixon: “My biggest motivation is probably my mom because she always motivates me to do better.”

Wingspan: What’s your favorite part of football?

Dixon: “Bonding with my teammates and winning games.”

Wingspan: What’s one thing you heard about football that isn’t exactly true?

Dixon: “That it’s easy to get injured, but as long as you practice and play right you should be fine.”

Wingspan: If you had to make a quote for football, what would it be?

Dixon: “Hit or get hit”

Wingspan: What advice would you give to future football players?

Dixon: “If you’re gonna play, be serious, listen to your coach and go to every practice.”

Wingspan: And last but not least, would you rather win the World Series or the Super Bowl?

Dixon: “ The Super Bowl of course.”